When is League Play?

Every Thursday, we start league play at 8pm. Players must be signed in by 7:45pm in order to participate in the league.

Visit the USATT League Page to learn more about the league.


The USA Table Tennis League is a growing network of online table tennis leagues. It allows players to run leagues and have those leagues processed for USATT League Ratings. Leagues can be run just about anywhere – in clubs, rec centers, schools, businesses, churches, military establishments, even basements – anywhere there’s a table and players.

*The USATT League opened publicly on September 2, 2003. The League is free of charge and does not require USATT membership to participate.

League Format

The league director starts off each league night with a printout of potential league players, in order of rating. The recommended format is to put the top five players in the list who show for the league meeting are put in the top group, the next five are put in the second group, and so on down the list. If the number of players in the league is not divisible by five, then the number of players in some groups would be adjusted. Players are then hand-written onto blank RR group sheets. (League directors may adjust the number of players per group to best fit their needs.)

Players play all other members in their group. The goal is to win the group, and to improve one’s league rating. Recommended format is best of five to 11. (Some leagues play best of three to 11, so as to allow time for more matches.)

There will be other league formats available later on; however, the above format, used successfully in many clubs around the U.S., is the one recommended for the first year.


You can also do playoffs between group winners, runner-ups, etc. After you have inputted the round robin results, hit “Submit new match results.” In the page that comes up, you can set up another “round robin” involving just those players involved in playoffs. Select those players for this round robin, and only record results for the players that played each other at this stage. Then hit “Done – Calculate Ratings,” and all results – round robin and playoff – will be calculated. (You can also have rated “challenge matches” this way.)

League Ratings

The USATT League Ratings are a numerical system, similar to chess ratings. The higher, the better! By playing in the USATT League, you will achieve a USATT League Rating, and have the opportunity to move upward in the rating system.

Here’s a rough chart showing how the system works.

  • Under 1000 Beginners
  • 1000-1700 Intermediate
  • 1400-1700 Average member of USA Table Tennis
  • 1700-1800 Average tournament player
  • 2000 An “Expert” player
  • 2200 A “Master” player
  • 2350-2650 Members of the USA Women’s National Team (5 players)
  • 2550-2800 Members of the USA Men’s National Team (5 players)
  • 2800-3000 The best players in the world

*USATT League Ratings are based on the well-established tournament ratings for tournament players in USATT tournaments. The two systems are separate, but parallel each other. Go to the USATT Ratings Info page for more info on the rating systems. (The first section is for tournament players only. Go to the USATT Tournament Calendar for info on USATT tournaments.

CFTTC League Ratings

  1. Murnahan, Tony 1655
  2. Taylor, LaVerne 1477
  3. Kuilan, Francisco 1444
  4. Rodriguez, Jean-Phillipe 1319
  5. Augustine, Patrick 1284
  6. Lehnecke, Peter 1217
  7. Bolton, Colin 1195
  8. Bolton, Barbara 958
  9. Williams, James 924
  10. Sheetz, Richard 904
  11. Karpinski, Amy 883
  12. Horne, Charles 873